How To Lose Weight In Nursing School


Nursing students gained weight from Nursing School Stress??? 1. EAT RIGHT - 5-6 small meals a day, increase vegetable/fruit intake, Increase water intake to about 3-4 water bottles a day & stay away from Fast Food 2. SMARTER STUDY HABITS - Avoid study groups and isolate yourself to focus on reading/comprehending your chapters & articles which will help decrease your stress levels 3. PACE YOURSELF - Stop Procrastinating and get it done. This will help so you dont fall behind your study material and decrease your stress levels 4. GET CENTERED - Center yourself physically, emotionally and mentally with what makes you happy for 30 minutes. Example (Exercise such as running, jog, swimming, biking for 30 minutes) This one is my favorite. 5. LOVE YOUR PROFESSION - Enjoy what you're learning and make it fun so it stays interesting throughout nursing school. This will help increase your knowledge and decrease your cortisol stress levels