Self-Care Café

Welcome to the IISC Self-Care Café.

The Self-Care Café is a resource for our community of students, practitioners and partners to collaborate and connect.

Find people with similar interests, post your story, then sit back and relax with our community.

Self-Care Cafe Videos

Something to share with the children in your life!
Put your whole self in!
This video is for college students who need help with test taking and reducing test anxiety. It involves relaxation exercises that include deep breathing, visualization and positive thoughts. It is useful for college students who wish to improve their test taking skills.
The Energy Project's Tony Schwartz explains why time management isn't the key to getting more done.
Increase your productivity and feel better
Be sure to do Part I the warm up exercises before starting. Full program available at During the International Congress for Complementary Medicine Research 2008 in Sydney, Dr Paul Lam took all delegates for a brief Tai Chi exercise. Professor Felix Wong requested instructions of this exercise be sent to all delegates. Here it is.

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