About the IISC

Our Purpose

Nurses are leaders in the delivery of optimal healthcare experiences. These experiences are safe, of high quality and effectiveness and are tailored to the individualized needs of the patient and their family. For these, and many other reasons, nurses are consistently ranked as professionals with the highest level of honesty and integrity. In order to consistently meet these high standards the nurse must have the capacity to fully engage and to be fully present in their practice and in their life.

At the Kent State University College of Nursing Interprofessional Institute for Self-care (IISC), we recognize that the nurses’ capacities for engagement and presence are linked to the foundational values and skills of their own self-care. The IISC is dedicated to the investigation, translation and dissemination of the scholarship and science of self-care. We anticipate that these efforts will have a far reaching and sustaining impact for the nurse, the profession, patients and families, the organizations in which they work and the communities in which they live. We know that the experience of other healthcare professionals and caregivers are similar in natures to the nurses’ experience. This is why we are calling on all healthcare professionals to join us in this effort.

We invite you to join us as an individual, a group or an organization as collaborative partners in this work. Join the Self-Care Café community and find others who have similar interests, ideas and questions. Inspire us with your stories and let us know what you are thinking. Learn self-care techniques and technologies that will support and sustain you. Follow cutting edge investigations and efforts in the areas of science, research and scholarship.

What we do today matters, not only for today, but for the generations of nurses and healthcare professionals and the communities they will serve that will come after us.

Core Team:

Tracey Motter

Director, Undergraduate BSN Programs

Self-care of both mind and body are important for all people living in this chaotic world. The physical, mental and emotional demands are escalated for nursing students who are learning to provide safe care in a very complex healthcare environment. Students must be educated and prepared to care for themselves to enable them be present and provide safe care.

Mary Anthony

Associate Dean of Research

Self care is essential to our health and, as health professionals, is necessary to maintain our capacity to help those we are committed to. As scientists, our obligation is to deepen the knowledge in understanding the linkages between self care and outcomes.

Barbara Drew

Associate Professor

The KSU IISC is important because when I engage in self-care I can create a space where I can set aside the demands of my "to-do" list. Even if it is just for 10 minutes, it is a relief. The IISC will promote opportunities to explore phenomena like that through our work with students, our research, and with our colleagues.

Kolton Codner

Corporate and Foundation Relations Officer

The KSU IISC is important because is places self-care at the forefront of education and research. Without a concrete understanding of how to care for yourself it is impossible to achieve and sustain your personal and professional goals. The IISC generates an environment that cultivates the science self-care and works to engrain those principles into the lifestyle of Kent State University students.

Marjorie Benjamin

Grants Coordinator

The IISC has tapped into the creative energies of all involved, which affirms this as a good direction for us to pursue. Knowing how much taking a few minutes “away” helps me work and relate to others better, promoting self-care for nurses at all levels of practice makes sense to me.