“Without a doubt, the training and education I received at Kent State has been instrumental…”

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Currently, I’m employed at Akron Children’s Hospital working as a Nurse Practitioner for pediatric trauma surgery. Without a doubt, the training and education I received at Kent State has been instrumental in preparing me to care for injured children.

Earning a graduate degree had always been a professional goal of mine.

When choosing a graduate nursing program, I searched for a well-established program known for academic excellence but equally as important, a program with relatable and supportive faculty. I wanted a program that offered both online learning and on campus courses which allowed some flexibility in my schedule so I could continue working while also being present for my family.

Fortunately, I found all of those qualities at Kent State University College of Nursing.

Working as a nurse, one of the things I enjoyed most of all, was the opportunity to care for patients of all ages, from birth through the end of life. Choosing the Family Nurse Practitioner program was a natural fit for me because I was able to continue providing care for patients of all ages albeit in a much different role.

As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I have the ability to direct patient care and impact change through assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner has given me a new level of professional autonomy and accountability which is tremendously rewarding.

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About Hali Ramsey-Baker

Hali Ramsey-Baker, MSN, CNP, is a Family Nurse Practitioner practicing at Akron Children’s Hospital in Akron, OH. She graduated from Kent State University with her Master’s of Science in Nursing in .

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