Twitter Abuzz with Excitement Over Acceptance into the College of Nursing

One of the favorite parts of my job managing the social media accounts at the College of Nursing is paying attention to the buzz surrounding certain events throughout the year. Whether it be finals week, a snow storm, or an on-campus event like Race into Finals or Driving the Future, students and friends of the College of Nursing always write insightful posts about these events on social media. Today I took a look at the queue of posts mentioning the College of Nursing on Twitter and was stunned by the amount of excitement surrounding the acceptance emails that were sent out this past weekend. Here are a few select posts below:

I would like to personally congratulate every person accepted to our programs at the College of Nursing this weekend! Good luck, and here’s to the continuing conversation and community on social media.

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About Corey Moore

Corey Moore is the Associate Multimedia Developer for Kent State University College of Nursing

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