Museo Biomedical in Careggi Hospital

We visited the pathological wax museum, Museo Biomedical in Careggi Hospital, the main hospital in Florence. Michaelangelo’s art students used to assist physicians in understanding the human body by examining corpses, along with fetal specimens,[…]

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Cinque Terre

Long Weekend Adventures

While attending the Florence Health Institute, we have enjoyed long weekends every week which has allowed us to travel and explore. Our first weekend in Italy was very eventful! Half of our group traveled to[…]

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View from the top floor overlook of a hospital in Poggibonsi looks out over the countryside.

Field Trip to Poggibonsi Hospital

During our first week of classes in Italy, the Florence Health Institute students traveled to a public hospital in Poggibonsi. While we were visiting, we met with Dr. Benaim, the hospital’s urologist, who gave a[…]

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An example of Roman architecture.

Arriving in Florence, Italy

The first week of our journey in Italy has been full of new sights and experiences. One of the first things we noticed was the beautiful architecture and how it compared to what we’re used[…]

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Florence Health Institute students with Massimo Fibbi, who was the students' guide at Villa Donatello Private Clinic.

Staying Busy in Florence!

One of the locations we went to visit while we were in Florence, Italy was the Villa Donatello Private Clinic. We compared how care was delivered and paid for in Italy’s public and private hospitals.[…]

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