Hannah Amissah wears her Kent State Nursing scrubs before clinical

Focus on What’s Ahead

It was only after experiencing a personal health scare did Hannah Amissah find herself considering a career in nursing. “Following my surgery, my nurses were so compassionate. They spent more time with me than any[…]

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Photo of Stephanneth Adams, MSN, WHNP-BC

Forge Your Own Path

The daughter of a physician, Stephanneth Adams, MSN ‘12, WHNP-BC, had been encouraged to enter the field of medicine from a young age. Her father, Dr. Stenneth Adams M.D., her earliest role model, matriculated through[…]

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Photo of Anthony Jackson

Rise Above the Challenges

Anthony Jackson, BSN ’13, did not grow up wanting to work in the medical field. That was his younger sister, Christina’s, dream. With a desire to one day be a doctor, she was studying biology[…]

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Do Not Let Anyone Define Your Future

Karen Bankston, Ph.D., MSN, FACHE, associate dean for clinical practice, partnership and community engagement at the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing, is a two-time alumna of Kent State College of Nursing. She recently shared[…]

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