Arriving in Florence, Italy

An example of Roman architecture.
The Roman architecture enhances the characteristics unique to Italy.

The first week of our journey in Italy has been full of new sights and experiences. One of the first things we noticed was the beautiful architecture and how it compared to what we’re used to seeing in the United States. At the beginning of the drive from the airport to our apartments, the scenery looked similar to America and left us underwhelmed. Then all of a sudden, we turned a corner revealing the Roman architecture that we had been excited to see. The buildings consisted of arches, domes, large wooden doors, balconies and so much more. These architectural details from hundreds of years ago add an incredible amount of character unique to the history of Italy. It’s pleasantly different from the United States where everyone strives to have the newest and most modern design features.

From authentic pasta to the delicious gelato, it’s been a new and wonderful adventure for us all. Something else we found different from the U.S. is the process of receiving the check at the end of a meal. Instead of being given the check shortly after finishing your food, in Italy, you will be brought the check only upon request. Italian meals are known to include ample socializing so the servers don’t automatically bring a check, which would leave patrons feeling rushed to leave. Overall, Florence is absolutely breathtaking and is the perfect place to experience many of Italy’s beautiful aspects.

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About Kirsten Gable, Rachel Menegay, Logan Starcher, and Miranda West

The Kent State University Florence Health Institute (FHI) is an opportunity for students who are pursuing a career in Public Health, Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy or any related field to study the impacts of their field through an international lens. In this creative and interprofessional study abroad experience, students from Kent State University will study a total of seven (7) credits in Florence for one month during the summer. All courses will be offered at both the undergraduate and graduate level in order to satisfy a variety of students’ academic needs.

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